She’s Dating the Gangster


Book title: She’s Dating the Gangster
Author: Bianca Bernardino
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

It’s almost a week that I had read the internet famous She’s Dating the Gangster by SGWannabe slash Bianca Bernardino and the story made an impact in me as a whole. When you read it yourself, you can notice that the story will gave you a gamut of emotions ‘til the ending and ‘til when you’re over it. I can say because up to now, the tragic ending seems to be questioning in my head. *sigh*

If you’re asking me how did I came across to it, well a friend of mine gave me a printed copy of it in the office. Shout out: Someone’s using the office printer for personal use! In fact it’s just only last week when I tried to read it because I am not fond of reading tagalog novels because I had the mindset of it being mushy, corny, shallow, and clichè — don’t get mad at me it’s just my opinion way back then but this story made my opinion vague and my theory about tagalog novels became null.


Love is happiness…
Love is smiling when you hear that person’s voice…
Love is the butterflies in your tummy no matter how many times you see that person…
Love is when you look at them and smile for no reason…
Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly…
Love is painful…
Love is hard…
Love is sacrifice…
Love is sadness…
“Can I live without the happiness? Can I live with that sadness? I don’t know…I don’t know anything anymore”
I remembered that once I fell in love with a Gangster. I don’t know how and when it happened. But I do remember saying that…
"I have fallen for this one of a kind stupid gangster. Oh wait, let me correct  that. I LOVED this stupid gangster.. I gave him happiness while he gave me suicide in return. I know, It sucks. But I never regretted loving him in the first place, well… maybe I did."
I also remembered loving everything about him ncluding his flaws.. Friends told me that we met in a very spontaneous way.. And then everything happened so fast…
But… Who’s this gangster?? I know two gangsters but…
Which one am I dating?

*whose the other gangster that Athena’s referring to? I know the other one’s Kenji but he mentioned above that there are two gangster that she knew, could it be Lucas? Kirby? Jigs?*

Characters: Basically, the characters of the story are mainstream because it resembles the F4 and the female lead role has the qualities of that on Meteor Garden.

1. Athena Dizon - the female protagonist of the story. Mabait, maganda, mayaman but none of her friends except for Sara know her economic status way back on Korea. Singer, pianist, and dancer (remember the Sexy Love and You got it all part, etc.) Typical schoolgirl (not until he met Kenji) who went to Southville. Died at the end of the story because of HCM, a heart problem.

2. Kenji delos Reyes - male protagonists. Mayaman ng bongga (young master nga ang tawag eh), silent but expresses feelings when he have met Athena. Has a big resemblace with the male lead role in the Taiwanese series Meteor Garden. School famous together with Kirby and Jigs. Has been broken hearted with another Athena - Athena Abigail but has found his one true love in another Athena. Love’s strong and forever. Half Filipino and half Korean too.

3. Lucas Lazaro - I cannot put him into the antagonist side because of the reasons that he did much good things in the story (pretty much good things). Grabe, taga-salo ng lahat, I mean when Kenji left Athena he’s the one who’s with her all throughout. Handsome and pretty boy that’s the usual adjective to describe him. Yes he smokes but the gum thing advise did good though. Love rival of Kenji with the two Athena’s in his life but in the end it was too bad for him that none of those A’s ended up with him. Selfless yan lang masasabi ko and mapagkakatiwalaan. (ewan ko ba kasi lagi syang andyan kapag may nangyayaring masama kay Athena).

4. Athena Abigail Tizon - the good girl gone bad as tagged by another Athena. Kenji’s first love and interest. He dumped Kenji for definite reasons and ended up with Lucas then with Gino (Grace’s boyfriend). Might seem desperate for love affection in the story but I want sana her POV (point of view), her side might have been interesting too.

5. Sarah Jung - Athena’s bff and the Jigs’ girlfriend. Funny and has the same personality as Athena. She’s with her all along and been a supportive and loving best friend to the female protagonist. If there is someone who knows Athena all in all, she would be the best answer.

6. Grace Matic - typical school girl and school organization officer. Expressive and direct to the point remember when she said that she liked Athena’s oppa (brother) Nathan. Their love story might be short but this girl has enough ways to showcase her love to Nathan.

7. Nathan Dizon - or SangMin in Korean. He’s the adorable older brother of Athena. Responsible and can rely on. He never let Athena get hurt and protects all from any harm (because Athena’s fragile) but enough to let her sister decide on her own including her love life.

8. Kirby Araneta - Paps. Kidding :) The varsity team captain of the school. School famous and also a brainy. He also had feelings for Athena at first but well Kenji’s the one she chose. He gets closer to the female protagonist at the latter part of the story and he’s also a gangster. Mapagkakatiwalaan and silent type of guy but when he met Mary, the inner child of him showed. Loves true and sincere.

9. Jigs Bala - the funny guy. Lahat ng tawag sa close friends BABES. wew! Cute and hearthrob just as Lucas, Kenji, and Kirby. Siya yung pinaka isip bata sa kanila but when it come so Sara he became serious. Varsity player, at the same time study well. Took up BS Bio for the reason that he wants to be a doctor.

10. Carlo Paez - the cutie little brother of the Dizon family. They did not adapt them but he became really close to them maybe because of his smile or charisma rather. Mabait at mahilig mag-aral. He accompanied and helped her ate Athena everytime and always there to cheer her up.

Favorite lines:

- Kenji to Athena

“I love you. Yung pagmamahal ko sayo kasing lalim ng pinakamalalim na dagat sa buong mundo. I love you. Yung pagmamahal ko sayo kasing laki ng pinag sama samang planeta. I love you. Yung pagmamahal ko sayo mas matagal pa sa forever. I love you. Yung pagmamahal ko sayo hinde na mapapalitan ng kahit sino. I love you. Kahit ilang beses pa kitang kelangan pakasalan gagawin ko. Kahit na sa lahat ng simbahan sa buong mundo, gagawin ko. I love you. Kahit na ipagtabuyan mo ko, kahit na mag sawa ka sakin, kahit na iwanan mo ko, ikaw at ikaw parin ang mamahalin ko. Hahanapin kita kahit san ka magpunta. At pag nahanap kita, hinde na kita ulit papakawalan pa. I love you. Kahit gaano kasakit, kahit gaano kahirap hinde kita iiwan. I love you. Yung pagmamahal ko sayo, hinde na mawawala. I love you, Athena. I love you, I love you, I love you.. UhnJaeNa, YongWonHee.”

- Kenji to Athena

"…ang pinaka pinagsisihan ko lang ay yung time na nasaktan kita. akala ko masaya ako..pero..mas masaya ako pag ikaw kasama ko, pag ikaw yung nasa tabi ko.”

- Kenji to Athena

“Kelangan niya ako eh..PERO KELANGAN KITA!”

- Kenji Delos Reyes

"Lord, Makinig ka sakin. Minsan lang ako nag mahal ng ganito. Mali. Ngayon lang ako nag mahal ng ganito.Wag mo naman hayaang mawala siya sakin. Alam mo naman na mabait si Athena, di ba? Bakit siya pa yung kelangan mong pahirapan? Bakit hinde na lang ako? Eto ba parusa mo sakin? Ang masaktan ng ganito? Kung alam ko lang na ganito kasakit ang magiging  parusa ko sana hinde na lang ako nagloko. Sana naniwala na lang ako.

Lord, Wag mo muna siyang kunin…
Natanong mo na ba siya kung handa na siya? Malulungkot siya paginiwan niya ko. Hinde niya kakayanin yun. Hinde ko rin yun kakayanin. Masaya pa kami… Masayang masaya.

Kakapalan ko na yung mukha ko, bigyan mo pa ko ng panahon… Para lang ihanda yung sarili ko. Yun na lang hinihiling ko. Panahon. Kahit konti lang, nagmamakaawa ako sayo. Kahit konti lang talaga, please.”

- Athena to Kenji

“I love you… Kahit na san ako mag punta, ikaw lang mamahalin ko. I love you.. Kahit na ilang beses mo akong saktan, ikaw parin ang mamahalin ko. I love you… Kahit na pagod na pagod na ko, ikaw parin ang mamahalin ko. I love you… Kahit sa kabilang buhay… ikaw parin ang mamahalin ko. I love you… kahit na sobra sobra na yung pagmamahal ko sayo, patuloy parin yung pagmamahal ko sayo. I love you.. Kahit na sandali lang yung pagsasama natin, masaya ako dahil nakasama parin kita kahit papaano… I love you, Kenji… I love you… I love you… I love you… UhnJaeNa,YoungWonHee…”

- Athena Dizon

"Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly and hi is far from being PERFECT. But there’s something about him that captivates my heart.What’s so good about him anyway? Is it his radiant smile? His charisma? Maybe it’s his attractive face? I don’t know. But… I’m falling… hard.”

- Athena Dizon

"…I gave him happiness while he gave me suicide in return.”

- Kenji to Athena

"Kahit ipagtabuyan mo ako, kahit na magsawa ka sa akin, kahit na iwanan mo ako, ikaw at ikaw pa rin ang mamahalin ko.”

- Kenji to Athena

"Nasaktan ka, pero bakit mas masakit iyong akin?"

- Athena Dizon

"It seems that my heart is going to explode because of too much love for him."

- Athena to Lucas

"Kaya siguro ngayon hindi ko alam ung sagot sa problema ko dahil mahina ako sa math."

- Athena to Kenji

"Ganon na ba talaga tingin mo saken? Ang hirap kasi sayo ako na nga tong nasa tabi mo sa iba ka pa rin nakatingin. Hindi mo ba napapansin ha? You still don’t know it, do you? Can’t you feel it? Can’t you fucking feel it?… I like you, you idiot!"

- Grace to Athena

"Alam mo ba kung gaano kahirap magpanggap na ok ka lang kahit hindi? Na masaya kahit gusto mo ng umiyak? Na UMAASA kang magiging ok ang lahat kahit alam mong wala na talaga?"

- Kenji to Athena

“Simula ngayon, dalawa tayong lalaban.. kung pagod ka na, ako ang lalaban para sayo.. wag kang matatakot. Hindi kita iiwan.. kahit anong mangyari, nasa tabi mo lang ako. Ayoko nang iiyak ka… hindi ka na pwedeng umiyak… nasasaktan ako pag nakikita kang umiiyak.”

- Athena to Kenji

“So if I asked you ‘Do you love me’ then you’ll lie and answer ‘Yes’ but deep inside you don’t really love me, and I’ll start believing you because you answered YES when it was supposed to be a NO. And then in the end, I’ll end up getting hurt because you lied because you thought I wanted that answer.”

- Athena to Kenji

“Hinde ba pwedeng samahan mo ako? Hinde ba pwedeng magkasama parin tayo..? Naiisip ko palang na magkakahiwalay tayo, hinde ko na kinakaya.”

- Kenji to Athena

"Yung binitawan mong salita, parang katumbas sa pag sabing hindi ka na makahinga. Alam mo ba yun? Sige na umuwi ka na. Goodnight…Athena.. Athena wait… I.. I.. I can’t breathe.”

- Kenji to Athena

“Mag-date tayo. Hinde ko mapropromise na hinde kita masasaktan pero susubukan kong hinde. Kilala mo naman ako eh.. Hinde ako sweet na tao. Kaya nga binansagan mo akong GANGSTER eh, dahil sa ugali ko. Let’s date again.. Wala ng deal.. Date lang naman eh.”

- Athena to Kenji

“Ok lang ako.. Hinde madaling kalimutan ka.. wag kang mag alala.. sususbukan ko.. gagawin ko lahat ng makakaya ko para lang makalimutan kita..”

- Lucas to Athena

“Gusto ko siyang protektahan at pasayahin.. wala namang masama sa gusto kong gawin diba?”

- Athena to Kenji

“I’ll wait for you. Hihintayin kita hanggang sa magsawa ako kakahintay sayo. Hanggang sa mapagod ako. Hanggang sa mawalan ako ng lakas.. kakahintay sayo.”

- Kenji to Athena

"Eto… iniisip ka. Lumilipad yung kukote ko papunta sayo.”

- Athena Dizon

“Kenji, okay lang ba kung makalin kita? ‘I love you’, gusto kong sabihin sayo pero natatakot ako. Hindi ko alam kung saan ako natatakot. Pag sinabi ko bang ‘I love you’, sasabihin mo rin ng ‘I love you too’.”

- Athena Dizon

“Sabi ko diba kakalimutan ko na siya. Nagawa ko naman eh. Pero why does it hurt? Bakit nung nakita ko si Kenji bumalik lahat ng pain and happiness? Parang sa araw araw mas tumitindi yung ‘like’ ko sa kanya. And now.. it’s over. Everything.. was one sided.”

- Kenji Delos Reyes

"Hinde ako marunong mag dasal, hinde ako nag dadasal. Pero dahil sa kanya natuto ako. Dahil sa kanya naniwala ako, naniwala akong meron pang mas makapangyarihan sa tao. Dahil sa kanya natuto akong maging mahina, maging mahina sa oras na dapat ay malakas ako. Dahil sa kanya nagkasilbe ang buhay ko, dahil sa kanya, dahil sa kanya.. alam ko na ang silbe ng buhay ko."

- Athena Dizon

"Hinde ko na naman napigilan yung sarili ko. naiyak nanaman ako sa banding huli. Kahit saang angle mo tingnan talo ako.. ako lang yung nasasaktan, ako lang yung nagmamahal.."

- Kirby to Athena

“Tama na. Kung nasasaktan ka na talaga, kung hinde mo na kaya, itigil mo na lang..”

- Kenji to Jigs and Kirby

“…parang sasabog na yung puso ko sa sobrang pag mamahal ko sa kanya.. kaya kanina, iniisip ko kung kakayanin ko bang mahiwalay sa kanya kahit isang linggo lang.. pero hinde eh, alam niyo un? Sumakit to oh.”

- Kirby to Kenji

“Kahit ilang beses ka pang gaguhin ni Athena.. wag mo siyang sasaktan. Wag mo siyang babawian dahil lang nagag0 ka niya. Kahit na ilang beses ka pa niyang saktan at pagmukang gaguhin. Binabalaan kita.. wag. Pwede niyang ikamatay yun.”

- Lucas to Athena

“Alam mo Athena, karamihan sa mga lalaki ayaw ng mabibigat na responsibility. Tingnan mo, diba maraming single nanay? Kasi yung mga lalaki alam nila na once na mag stay sila sa relationship na yun, malaki na yung responsibilidad nila. Mababawasan na yung masasayang araw nila. Yung ibang nag sstay, pero eventually.. nagsasawa na…Malalaman mo na lang kung dedicated sayo yung tao pag alam niyang walang wala ka na. Yung tipong, galit na sayo yung buong mundo pero nasasatabi mo parin siya. Hinde ko alam ha. Pwedeng mali ako, pero pwede rin akong maging tama.”

- Athena to Kenji

“Hmm.. I love you.. Kenjiya.. can I sleep now?”

- Jigs to Kirby and Lucas

“Pwedeng kahit ngayon lang.. ilabas natin yung nararamdaman natin? Ang hirap kasing itago eh.Hinde ko na kaya pang mag panggap sa tapat ni Athena. Ang sakit na masyado.”

- Kenji to Athena

“Lalaban lang ako pag sinabi mong lumaban ako.”

- Lucas to Athena

“Matatapos na rin paghihirap mo ngayon.. hinde mo na kelangan pang malungkot.. kasi kung magiging malungkot ka..“Hinde na kita papakawalan pa. Aangkinin na kita. Ako ang magaalaga sayo.”

- Abigail to Athena

“Alam kong awkward para maging magkaibigan tayo ngayon.. pero sana.. kahit papaano pwede tayong mag batian pag nagkasalubong tayo. At sana sa next life time natin.. pwede na tayong maging magkaibigan.”

- Athena to Kenji

"Thankyou for making me happy, I will never forget this. Even if I die, my love for you will remain. I love you Unjaena, Youngwonhee."

NOTE: for more lines, feel free to comment your favorite lines in the story below

Grabe lang when I searched the internet for the tag SDTG huling huli na pala ako sa henerasyon ko because some time in 2007 pa pala ‘to and well 2012 na. Haha! You know what, I hate tragic endings because it brings heart pain like this one. Pero infairness naman with the love effect, it is clingy to the readers. Feeling bagets naman ako nung nagbabasa ng first chapters, feeling college parang kelan lang.

Many lives had been touched by the story of Ms. Bernardino, many had smiled, cried, and fell in love. This made me think of love again — we all loved, rejected and failed but what made us want more is the feeling of being in love. Madami nami-meet na agad nila yung soulmate nila in the earlier stages of their life but others they met them later. Isn’t it makes you wonder how God did the plot of each and everyone’s story? How did He know that we will be happy with the partner that we should have? Basta masasabi ko lang, love is magical. Love is something not scientifically based, nararamdaman lang.


Thanks for dropping by and reading this post. I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave your blog site so I could check you out some other time *wink*
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